10 Best Orlando Food Trucks

Orlando Food Trucks
Orlando Food Trucks

Food brings people closer together, but scrumptious food brings people closer to a food truck.


Thus, if you’re passionate about discovering new dishes as you’re walking down the street, then food trucks might be in your scope of interest. In fact, Orlando is one of the cities in Florida that’s famous for its wide variety of food trucks with yummy street food.


They provide people with exquisite meals from cuisines all around the world. Plus, food trucks are a crucial part of the excellent dining scene and culture in this city, which is already well-known across the country.


As food enthusiasts (foodies) and experienced food truck whizzes, Food Truck Finder USA has dedicated its time to find and choose the best of Orlando’s adorable food trucks and bring them closer to you.


Hence, if you’re looking for a diverse gastro experience, this one should be at the top of your list! To help you truly enjoy this immersive adventure, we bring you 10 of the best Orlando food trucks.


Bem Bom: Portuguese Cuisine in a Food Truck


Bem Bom is one of the preferred gastro spots in Orlando due to the high quality of its Portuguese cuisine. Chico Mendonça, Bem Bom’s chef, is blending his love of Portuguese, French and New American cuisine into fabulous dishes that are praised even by world-famous food critics.


If you’re heading to Orlando, make sure you visit this food truck to try some of the specialties, including: mango infused fish, carnitas tacos and mushroom quesadillas. While you’re there, don’t forget to order the famous Portuguese tart: pastel de nata.


They are so delicious that you may want to book your flight to Lisbon for your next vacation and enjoy this fine food in the city from which it originated!


Gratitude Coffee: Serving Food with a Friendly Smile


If Bem Bom is not anywhere nearby, don’t lose hope! There are numerous food trucks in Orlando, and not a day goes by without seeing at least four or five of them.


Another food truck that deserves to be mentioned on our list is Gratitude Coffee. The owner, Jenny, brings kindness into her food business, making it a favorite among food lovers in Orlando.


For those who live nearby, this truck is one of the favorite spots to start the day with a warm cup of coffee before the office hours kick in. If you’re not a coffee lover, you will be pleased to hear that this charming truck also has special teas and food, including a wide variety of baked goods.


If you’re visiting or actually living in Orlando, you can’t miss out on giving this Florida’s truck gem a chance!


Daydream Pizza & Jeremiah’s Italian Ice: Welcome to the Italian Food Paradise


Those who love Italian food have probably already heard about Daydream Pizza and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, two food trucks that serve the best pizza and dessert in Orlando.


When talking about Daydream Pizza, if you ask their customers, the crispy crust and tons of toppings are the reasons why some of them will drive for miles just to eat at this food truck. They also offer other food such as hot dogs for those who are currently not in the mood for Italian food.


With their fresh ingredients, this cute truck is adored by the locals, even more than some Italian restaurants offering upscale food.


If you’re in the mood for sweet food, you will want to visit another Italian food truck: Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Here, you can try a unique dessert made with a combination of ice cream, pureed and fresh fruit.


They have more than 40 varieties of this dessert, such as pina colada, pumpkin pie and mint chocolate chip. You will be happy to know this food truck takes its portions very seriously, which makes fans of good food in Orlando very happy.


If you’re not convinced about the quality of this sweet food, let’s just say Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has been a part of the famous Orlando food truck scene for several years.


If you’re in love with tasty Italian food, you will need to visit both of these food trucks to enjoy the Italian experience in Central Florida. Luckily for you, if these trucks are not near you, you will find plenty of other food trucks that serve Italian food in such a unique way that thrills food lovers from all around the world!


Monsta Lobsta Food Truck: Diving into the Seafood Profusion


Looking to try out something fresh from the ocean? Don’t worry, you can find it among the sea of splendid food trucks in Orlando. One of them is Monsta Lobsta, which combines the flavors of New England seafood with a special flare.


At Monsta Lobsta, you can enjoy stables of lobster rolls and clam chowder made with a secret recipe. As they’re serving seafood, their prices are a little bit higher than what you will see on other food trucks’ menus, but the second you taste their lobster food delicacies, you will understand why investing is the best ingredients is crucial.


Their working hours are from 5:30 to 9:00 PM, so make sure you have an early lunch to be able to enjoy this delightful food later with your friends.


La Empanada: Pockets of Food


La Empanada is one of the most popular places in the city as it’s always parked somewhere near the hot spots. It offers so-called “pockets of food,” and their menu is created on a daily basis. Those who are looking to try out this type of experience and even save a little money will surely fall in love with this place. After all, where can you find three empanadas for $9?


Twisted Plates: Quick Bites


The Orlando food truck scene is growing so rapidly that many people want to see it as something more than just trying out food truck meals. While walking around Orlando, if you stumble upon Twisted Plates, make sure you give them a try as they are one of the rare food trucks in Orlando that offer appetizers, quick bites and desserts. Their fresh ingredients and not-too-heavy food will fascinate you, so make sure you save some room for Twisted Plates!


Treehouse Truck: Gastro Experience and Beyond


When a husband and wife decide to turn their passion for burgers and cheesesteaks into a business, you know it’s going to be food heaven!


Treehouse Truck has been around since 2011, and you can find them all over Central Florida. On their menu, there are chicken or beef cheesesteaks, gourmet burgers with delicious toppings and two types of fries — seasoned and truffle.


Although they have a lot to offer to meat lovers, make sure you check their menu first, as options vary from one day to another.


Curbie’s Sidewalk Café: Uniting America through Food


Are you craving a traditional Southwestern cheeseburger? Or are you in a mood for Boston baked beans, a traditional dish in the northern part of the USA? You can find all of that at Curbie’s Sidewalk Café, an American food truck that even demonstrates its philosophy right on the side of their truck.


Take a tourist photo with Curbie’s truck, as they have the Statue of Liberty painted on it. Besides American dishes, you can also find a selection of hot dogs which are prepared differently, depending on the name of the city their recipe comes from originally.


Little Blue Donut Co: Bringing Creativity into Doughnuts


“Roses are red, doughnuts are blue.” In fact, doughnuts at Little Blue Donut are so good that this old, famous poem should be rewritten!


You won’t find many doughnuts in Orlando, but this place will make up for that fact. Their lovely truck will surprise you with made-to-order doughnuts that are anything but plain and simple.


From Samoa doughnut to Sriracha Peanut, owners ensured that every doughnut will be made with creativity and love. Once you visit, you will understand why everyone wants to return to Little Blue Donut.


A Daily Food Truck Schedule in Orlando


Roaming around the Orlando city center to other preferred places, the best food trucks are always on the move. Soon, you’ll be able to keep track of them on the Food Truck Finder’s regularly updated schedule.


You can find out where your favorite truck is placed or choose to visit one from the list.


We have it all covered for you: location, truck name, food menu and company details. Plus, soon we’ll be able to help you book a food truck for any event in Orlando.


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