JB's Philly Water Ice

Welcome to JB’s Philly Water Ice, home of the original Apple Pie Water Ice. JB’s Philly Water Ice was founded in December 2015 by Philadelphian and military veteran JB with a unique recipe he created like non other. The apple pie water ice recipe was devised by his mother using the same ingredients she uses when making her delicious hot apple pies during the holiday season. JB’s advertises its product as “water ice”, using the colloquial term for what is sometimes called “Italian ice” in other areas of the country. We provide a great tasting, refreshing treat called Water Ice(also known as Italian Ice) to the Orange Park -Jacksonville Florida surrounding area(s). All of our products are homemade. Although, we do make artificial flavored water ice such as cotton candy and root beer just to name a few, please note that all of our fruit flavors are made using real fruit so you will enjoy the natural fruit sugar with every taste.