Not Your Daddy's Ribs

After 25 years of service to the United States Marines, it was my Marines that insisted I share my brand of Slow-Smoked BBQ with the world. While on a road trip, I shared the idea with my wife and kids. We then asked our kids to name the business and within 30 minutes we had a name that was worth branding. We use simple ingredients and family recipes to create a small menu focused on perfecting those items and putting our very best on your plate. Our belief is, if your going to do something do it right. We wanted to be a roadside stand, reasonably priced and portions that you would tell your neighbors about. We never envisioned a mobile BBQ Joint. The demand to be mobile only made since when the requests for catering started flowing in. We wanted to stay small and keep overhead low. So with the help of some very good fabricators and a lot of manual labor my vision became reality. We took this homemade trailer added a back porch to house a 500 gallon smoker with Freightliner Smoke-Stacks, giving us our signature look!This BBQ Trailer has a back porch (real-wood) smoker that's second to none and when approached from the rear it is a Firebreathing Brahma Bull! In 2018 we had a fire resulting in our latest Fire Engine Red, trimmed in chrome BBQ Trailer. Do to sizing we now have a 150 gallon reverse flow smoker on the back porch. But not to worry all meats start off on Big Boy, our original Smoker. All while not loosing cooking power or flavor We coined the phrases, "So if you see it smoking, we are open!" "We give free smells All Day!" We live by our motto, "Here we do Ribs Right! With a taste of Love in every Bite!"

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