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TAYLOR TACOS - The Story - In the fall of 1965 my parents, Bruce and June Taylor, were stationed at Nuclear Sub School in New London, Connecticut. They had been married just over a year and invited another Navy couple over for dinner. I doubt that they had any idea that 53 years later, that night would be the birth of the first day of the rest of my life. Gary and Joyce Zech accepted my parents’ invitation and said that they would bring the food. That they had a great dinner planned. Something that their family enjoyed regularly. On that evening in 1965, the Zechs introduced my parents to tacos. Tacos were relatively unknown, especially on the east coast at that time. My parents enjoyed dinner so much, they immediately injected tacos into their rotation, starting the Taylor Taco tradition every Friday. It was around 1974 that my dad was fed up with the lack of any decent salsas and set out to make his own. (Please take a moment of silence for this epiphany. The world is a better place with the Bruce Juice!) The tradition steamrolled ahead. And then around 1990, Taylor Tacos moved to Sunday night. My grandmother, my brother and his friends, my parents’ friends, and of course I could invite a friend to all gather on Sundays at the house. On any given Sunday we would have between 8 to 15 people gathered for tacos. Each person was tasked with a job – dice the peppers, cut up the tomatoes, slice the olives, and my absolute favorite, grate the cheese. Imagine if you can, Thanksgiving gatherings every Sunday. The legend grew of Taylor Tacos through my college days and even at my rehearsal dinner where my parents cooked for 50. I will never forget finding a long lost college friend on Facebook after a 20 year absence and her first question was, “Are your parents still making Taylor Tacos?!” I have spent the last three years with my partner in crime, Brad, to do my best at recreating what my parents started. It is more than a taco. It is more t

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