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Thursday, 08-13

Lolly's Food Trolley

We are the newest owners of Lolly's Food Trolley and we are here to switch things up! We have revamped Lolly's menu and introduced a completely new concept, deciding to use our Asian culinary background and bring it to the streets of Jacksonville. Utilizing bowls, sushi rolls and our creativity, we want to bring delicious Asian dishes closer to you! We bring classics such as Teriyaki (chicken, beef, shrimp), California and Philly rolls, but we also bring to you Bulgogi Beef (marinated in our own homemade recipe) and Kaarage (Japanese fried chicken). Our staples are sure to please and our specials are sure to excite! Check us out sometime! Keep an eye for our special menu items, you'll never know what we may try!

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Tuesday, 08-18

Pie95 Pizza

Hand Crafted Wood Fired Pizza. Contact us for private parties and caterings. Follow @pie95pizza on Instagram so see where we will be selling.

Wednesday, 08-19

Mr Potato Spread

Putting a truck spin on spuds and taking potatoes to the mouthwatering levels Mr. Potato Spread prepares loaded baked potatoes, fries, potato salads and more for employees of local workplaces. Originally started as a corporate catering and delivery company, Mr. Potato Spread has expanded its operations to include a food truck and a location in the Regency Square Mall.

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The Blazin' Buffalo

The Blazin' Buffalo provides a new option for people who are wanting more than the mediocre food options around. We serve homemade, high-quality fried chicken and fries with the highest standards of customer service. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our menu and more!

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We are a video game themed food truck that operates in the Jacksonville area, serving gourmet pub fare with a creative "gamer" twist.

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Tuesday, 08-25

Chubby Burrito

That one aspect distinguishes us is 100% natural and prepared daily with fresh ingredients. The taste is exquisite For Those with good taste and palate.

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Twisted Okie Mid Western BBQ & Tacos

At the Okie, all meat is slow hickory smoked to ensure maximum flavor, full juicy tenderness, and to achieve the full Mid-Western BBQ experience. Real hickory smoked BBQ at it's best!

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Team Love Seafood

With over 20 years of cooking experience and our brand-new, 24-foot custom food trailer, we can flawlessly grill, fry, and boil seafood and other tasty items to perfection. Designed to serve thousands of people a day, our massive mobile kitchen includes two flat griddles, five fryers, and four burners to deliver satisfying, made-to-order meals quickly. No matter your taste, you are sure to find a new favorite dish at Team Love Seafood, LLC. While our location changes daily, we provide a friendly and casual experience for you to enjoy your meal and have a great time anywhere. Let the divine aroma of freshly prepared seafood transport you to our trailer today!

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Cajun Cravins' 2 Go

We are a Cajun themed food truck that makes everything from scratch. All sauces are freshly made, along with the smoked sausage. We get the best shrimp possible straight from the docks in Mayport. We give great genuinely friendly service and always ensure that the meal your getting is always the best quality. Thank you for reading and see you soon to share more of our story!

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We offer a new twist to Caribbean Food. Our specialty mix of Trinidadian Herbs and Spices creates an amazing taste profile that is quite unique. All of our Specialty Food is made from scratch using fresh fruits and vegetables. Our Signature Dish is our Trinidadian Fried Pies, Delicious Tropical Sauces and other Scrumptious Delicacies! Other dishes seasoned with our delectable Trinidadian Herbs and Spices include, Chick Pea and Potato Curry, Trinidadian Fish Puppies, Trini Mahi-Mahi Bites, Trini Doubles & Funnel Caked Doughnuts!

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Thursday, 09-03

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