Cricketers Pub Food Truck: Enthusiasts with Long Tradition


Those who love Cricketers Pub, which has been the favourite pub in Orlando for a while now, will be thrilled to hear they now own a food truck. And yes, their truck serves equally delicious food as in the pub, if not even better!

Cricketers Pub became a culinary institution in Orlando due to its extraordinary food and amazing service. If you’re a fan of one of the most popular food combination in the world – fish and chips, you should head to this truck immediately.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can try their enticing pancakes which taste like nothing you’ve ever tried before. They also offer other food on their menu, but we can’t forget to mention different types of beers as well. After all, this is a pub or, to be more specific, a pub truck

With their simple yet tasty ingredients, this cute truck is adored by the locals, even more than some other pubs offering similar foods and drinks to their guests.