Orlando Food Trucks

Food brings people closer together, but scrumptious food brings people closer to a food truck. 

 Thus, if you’re passionate about discovering new dishes as you’re walking down the street, then food trucks might be in your scope of interest. In fact, Orlando is one of the cities in Florida that’s famous for its wide variety of food trucks with yummy street food.

 They provide people with exquisite meals from cuisines all around the world. Plus, food trucks are a crucial part of the excellent dining scene and culture in this city, which is already well-known across the country.

 As food enthusiasts (foodies) and experienced food truck whizzes, Food Truck Finder USA has dedicated its time to find and choose the best of Orlando’s adorable food trucks and bring them closer to you. 

Hence, if you’re looking for a diverse gastro experience, this one should be at the top of your list! To help you truly enjoy this immersive adventure, we bring you 10 of the best Orlando food trucks.


Here is our list of food trucks in Orlando, FL:

Alfajor Cafe

Authentic Argentinian Food, choripan, tango burger, choriarepa, empanadas, milanesa sandwich, miga sandwich, pastries, alfajores

alfajorcafe@gmail.com | 4076925799

Twisted Plates

Gourmet chef-inspired food truck serving classical dishes with fun and exciting twist

Engilberto.olivera@twistedplates.com | 4078189869

Aji Food Truck

Peruvian Food. Ceviche's, lomo saltado, jalea, chaufa (fried rice peruvian style) etc.

ajifoodtruck@gmail.com | 4072597006

Cricketers Pub Food Truck

The Cricketers Pub was located on International Drive in Orlando for 30 years, we are now taking the Pub to the people serving our Pub comfort foods that makes you think of your Mums cooking.

cricketersfoodtruck@gmail.com | 321 370 7252

Jamaica Jamaica Food Truck

jajafoodtruck@gmail.com |

Curbside Chef

Former Chef for President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, West Palm Beach. We have a "Gourmet- Pan-Asian-Fusion" Menu. Orlando Based. Est. 2012, Studied at the C.I.A. (Hyde Park, NY).

chefcurbside@gmail.com | 8586993663

Munch Organics

fkong@gomunchorganics.com | 3216629014

Churros & Cream

Hi, my name is Martha Gonzalez proud owner and operator of my dessert truck Churros & Cream. We've been in business since 2013. My husband Frank makes the delicious fresh Churros for all of our great customers to enjoy. If you were ever so lucky to have your grandma make you fresh Churros, then you'll understand why our Churros are so delicious, especially toppled with sugar cinnamon and filled with cream of your choice like deuce De leche, strawberry shortcake, Nutella chocolate, guava with cream cheese, bavarian, and sweetened condensed milk. We start by making fresh churro dough. Then we extrude it with a manual press to form the hollow Churros. We then cut it and deep fry it to provide you with a fresh, crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. The Churros are then coated with sugars of choice and then filled with a cream or two of choice. We provide service for all occasions and special events.

churrosandcream@gmail.com | 3866313895

Cruisin Cuisine

We are a brunch food truck. We also cater events, office parties and Birthday parties.

cruisincuisine17@gmail.com | 386 479 3239


Stick m all Everything on a stick Antipasto Vegetables Beef Chicken Shrimp Fruits Desserts It's fun, it's quick, it's on a stick

guttyusa@hotmail.com | 407 9696585 | View Menu

Grab-n-Go Concessions llc

Invite us to the party we promise to bring the food.

catergrabngo@gmail.com | 4075561609 | View Menu

Island Life Cuisine

We serve island tacos. Authentic Caribbean foods, sandwiches and more. All foods are freshly prepared

islandlife.cuisine19@gmail.com | 408-242-0021 | View Menu

City Street Kitchen

City Street Kitchen emphasis is on providing authentic Eclectic American cuisine with a strong Latin American flair.The focus of infusing the diverse cooking styles found in American cuisines is based on the principle that the United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Come and let Chef Diaz mesmerize your palate.

chefenriquediaz@gmail.com | 407-697-8383

Bowls for Tu

Bowls for Tú serves authentic and modern mixed rice bowls. Our meals healthy with a twist food served with our signature sauces.

bowlsfortu@gmail.com | 321-284-5262

Burgers and Booch

We are a family Black owned Plant Based business specializing in our signature vegan burgers made from our mix Joe’s Oat Patties paired with locally made kombucha , along with a host of other vegan made foods that include subs and Po’boys. On our truck we serve food made from all natural and organic ingredients. We source local and seasonal when possible, and all our food is 100% vegan with gluten free options. We’ve been selling our Joe’s Oat Patties product since 2007, we are one of the pioneers of vegan street food in Central Florida and surrounding areas. We are available for private parties, festivals, and local events.

lovethoseoatpatties@yahoo.com | 4072210559 | View Menu

Lito’s Burger

Hello, we are Lito's Burger, we are dedicated 100% to making signature burgers, the hamburger medallions are 100% premium beef blend, we have more than 12 varieties of hamburger We also have very rich appetizers, everything we serve is homemade

litosburguer@hotmail.com | 3522270541

Lazy Franks

Lazy Franks' hot dog cart injects fun into your events by serving gourmet hot dogs crafted from 100% All-Beef with Natural Casing. Paired with freshly baked buns sourced from a local bakery, our menu is bound to tantalize your taste buds! Featuring distinctive flavor combinations and premium toppings, our hot dogs are a guaranteed hit with any crowd!

hello@getlazyfranks.com | 4073082710 | View Menu

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