Rent a Food Truck for Event: Choosing a Truck and Food for a Successful Event

Rent a Food Truck for Event: Best Events, Trucks and Food I Food Truck Finder USA
Rent a Food Truck for Event: Best Events, Trucks and Food I Food Truck Finder USA

Preparing an event is never an easy task. You have to take care of so many details, and it’s almost impossible not to forget something. But, food should never be one of these things. In other words, if you’ve ensured delicious food for your event, you’re almost halfway done. However, to really be unique, why don’t you rent a food truck for event?


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Food Truck Experience


Orlando is one of the cities with the best food truck scenes across the United States, not just Florida. The variety of these food trucks provides those who live there or are simply visiting the city with an exquisite experience. Eating outside is something you have to experience in Orlando!

If you’re a fan of this rising trend, you don’t have to limit your experience only to visiting trucks in the city center or wherever your favorite food truck is parked. If you’re preparing an event, such as a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, wedding or team building, you can easily rent a food truck and provide your guests with a marvelous experience.


Reasons to Rent a Food Trucks Event Orlando


What’s the alternative to renting a food truck? Of course, you can always hire a regular catering company in your city, but that will probably be more expensive. Also, it will damage your easygoing, friendly atmosphere. Let’s face it, waiters serving food to your guests while they’re sitting at the table will not bring out the celebration spirit in them.

Food trucks, on the other hand, are incredibly fun and interesting to be around. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about the food they’re serving. Not to mention, their food is always fresh, and all the ingredients are carefully chosen and prepared.

More importantly, you will have more control over the menu than you would have with traditional catering companies, as they will not be so flexible to create meals according to your guests’ preferences. But, a food truck will gladly do it.


How to Find the Right Option


When looking to rent a food truck for event, you will first need to understand all of the aspects of your event. Who are your guests? What are their food preferences? Which celebrations do they like, and which do they dislike? If the majority of your guests prefers light food and quality wines, your choice will not be Mexican cuisine


Match Your Guest Type with Your Food Truck


If your guests are huge meat lovers, you can reach out to food trucks that serve burgers and other types of meat. These mobile restaurants include a wide variety of choices, so you will not have to spend your time coming up with dishes your guests would enjoy eating — unless you want to be more involved!


Determining Your Event Budget Before Finding the Food Truck


Once you’ve determined the general type of food you would like to serve at your event, start thinking about your budget. You can reach out to a few food trucks that serve your chosen food type, but don’t commit to anything before realizing how much you can actually spend. When compared to professional restaurateurs, food trucks are more affordable, as they don’t require a lot of investment.


Reaching Out to the Food Truck


The best way to ensure that the food truck provides your guests with exactly what you had in mind is by knowing what you want. Write down all the meals, ingredients, ratios and everything else that might help the food truck owner to understand you better.

Try to be very specific when talking about your requirements, and don’t leave one thing unresolved. Once you’ve determined what you want, send an email, call or go visit the food truck to arrange everything.


The Price


Money has a giant impact on all of our decisions. In other words, the type of food we choose to cater at our events will tremendously depend on its price. That’s why more and more event organizers opt to go with food trucks instead of professional restaurateurs. They can provide their guests with more options for less money.

Per guest, you could cut your costs up to $20-$25 if you decide to hire a food truck for your event. Let’s say you decide to have 50 people at your event. Renting a food truck will cost you anywhere around $1,000-$1,250. When you compare that amount to traditional food catering, it’s quite obvious that you’ll save a lot of money. Luckily, there are a lot of Orlando food trucks with various offers and prices.




The actual day of the event is the most stressful moment for every organizer, regardless of the type of the event. Making sure you didn’t forget everything while talking to every guest can be quite exhausting. When it comes to managing a food truck at your event, you should do this ahead of time to ensure only the best experience for your guests.

Always ask the food truck to be at the event at least one hour earlier than everyone else. They need some time to prepare everything, so don’t arrange for them to come at the same time when your guests are arriving.

Have an email with all the details you’ve agreed upon nearby to check if everything you wanted will be served. If not, there is still enough time to get it before the guests start arriving.

Communicate with the food truck staff during the event to see if everything is going smoothly. Also, tell them they should tell you if they run into a problem so you can fix it in time.


Final Thoughts


You should definitely rent a food truck for event. With such a variety of fresh, delicious food and professional, friendly service, your guests will enjoy your event even more. As food trucks are mobile and used to cater at such occasions, you’ll find the entire process to be very simple and convenient.

If you’re looking for wedding catering in Orlando, you’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of food trucks from which to choose!

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