Tikiz Shaved Ice, Ice Cream & Gourmet Sorbets

Tikiz Shaved Ice, Ice Cream & Gourmet Sorbets have the perfect frozen treats for all ages and all allergy sensitive individuals. We serve up North Florida's finest, fluffiest of shaved ice accompanied by our serve board which allows patrons to serve up their very own flavors of syrup on top of their fluffy shaved ice. We have both sugar and sugar free options for those who are watching their sugar intake all of which are Gluten Free, Free of lactose and we even have a few options that are dye free as well. Our complete line of ice cream bars and pops are Kosher and a few of them are Gluten free as well. Try our complete line of Gourmet Fruit Sorbets, all of which are Gluten Free, Free of Preservatives and have zero artificial coloring. They are also extremely low in sugar, have less than 1 single gram of fat and low in calories making them the perfect, healthy frozen treat. They are served up in their very own shells/rinds such as our Coconut Sorbets served in its Coconut Shell, our Pineapple Sorbet served in its Pineapple Shell and so on. We have 10 different flavors of our Gourmet Fruit Sorbets. Inquire about hiring us for your next event no matter big or small. For Schools, youth sports, churches and other fundraising opportunities, Tikiz gives back 20% of all sales back to your organization! It is the perfect way for a PTO/PTA to raise money for their school and the perfect way for youth sports to raise money for their leagues. Just give us a spot to park and we will handle all the rest and as we leave, we will leave you with our 20% donation in hand.