Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL

Wedding Catering Jacksonville, FL

Wedding catering can get out of hand quickly if you’re not careful. Traditional wedding catering can cost a fortune, and most times it’s difficult to find a wedding caterer where you can get high quality food without a hefty price tag. People tend to hear “wedding” and see dollar signs.

This is where food trucks come in. Food trucks cater everything from weddings and corporate events, to your kid’s birthday party. Food trucks are an increasingly popular catering option for weddings due to their simplicity, high quality food and cost.

Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL

Below I’ll discuss 4 reasons why food trucks are great for wedding catering in Jacksonville FL:


The cost of hiring a food truck to cater your wedding can be significantly lower than traditional catering options that are available. Most times we assume that in order to obtain something for a lower cost, we have to sacrifice quality. When it comes to food trucks, this isn’t the case.

Food trucks typically have extremely low overhead. They don’t have most of the expensive, fixed costs that traditional caterers do with a brick and mortar establishment.

When a food truck shows up to the wedding venue, they typically have minimal setup to do. Most traditional wedding caterers require a whole staff and a lot more time to get setup and ready. These costs are usually wrapped up into the final catering price you have to pay.

Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL


If you asked your grandparents, parents or even some of your friends who have already gotten married, they probably couldn’t tell you they’ve been to a wedding with a food truck. Food trucks have been largely popularized in recent years and are still a new wedding catering option.

Your wedding day is about you and your significant other and you want it to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Why not choose a wedding catering option that is new and fun?

Food trucks survive by learning how to stand out from their competitors. Each food truck is uniquely branded to reflect the personality of the food truck owners themselves. When we hire food trucks for wedding catering in Jacksonville, FL, we only hire the best of the best. We ensure each food truck has awesome food, customer service and the food truck itself looks appealing and professional.

Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL


As I’m sure you know by now, planning a wedding can be quite the task! Planning a successful wedding requires patience and organization. Hiring a food truck to cater your wedding can help simplify this planning process.

Since most food trucks are self-contained kitchens on wheels, they have the unique ability to roll up to virtually any location, turn on their equipment and start serving food. When the wedding is over and everyone is happy and well-fed, the food truck can close up and head out. There’s less work involved and less interference with the guests and awesome party you’re throwing. This removes a lot of the cost, headache and logistics that can sometimes come with traditional catering options.

Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL

Quality Food

On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect…especially the food. Since high-end food trucks are still kind of a new concept for people, especially for wedding catering, some people can be hesitant to the idea.

What they don’t understand is the thousands of dollars that are invested into outfitting these food trucks with high-end commercial kitchens. For a chef who knows what they’re doing, there should be nothing holding them back from producing the best food within their food category.

Wedding Catering Jacksonville FL

Rest assured that when we hire food trucks for wedding catering in Jacksonville, FL we will NEVER hire a food truck who hasn’t been battle tested by the local Jacksonville market. We know your wedding day is important and we respect that.