Casselberry Food Trucks I Food as the Main Attraction in Casselberry

Casselberry Food Trucks:From Foodies to Foodies I Food Truck Finder USA
Casselberry Food Trucks:From Foodies to Foodies I Food Truck Finder USA

You’re sitting in the shade in a city park, listening to your favorite band and eating a delicious meal. Then, you spot your friends sitting two benches away, so you decide to join them. If you’re looking for cherished moments like this one, you will undoubtedly find them in Casselberry. The simplicity of life is the unofficial slogan of this city. Straightaway, Casselberry food trucks became an important part of these moments. 


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The Fusion of Art, Music and Food


This city is just north of Orlando, near Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or not, you will find plenty of things to amuse you while in Casselberry. The favorite activity for most people is exploring the diversity of food trucks


The most visited events are the ones that combine art, music and gastronomy. People can stroll through the park, admire the local art while listening to live music and stop by one of the gourmet food trucks. These events are free, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own folding chairs and blankets to completely immerse themselves in the moment.


Thus, there are numerous events of this type in the city throughout the year: Casselberry Folk Festival, Battle of the Band 5K run, Mardi Gras Music Festival, Country Concert, Craft Beer & Blues Festival, Rock ‘N Blues Concert & Car Show, etc.


Food Truck Bazaar Casselberry


Food Truck Bazaar is one of the most popular food truck events in entire Florida. From Orlando to other cities, trucks are traveling across the state to promote their businesses while also sharing the joy of delicious meals with others. 


Quite often, this event comes to Casselberry where locals are invited to promote their own business as well. In fact, almost every event in this city will provide you with a culinary, music and art experience. Brace yourself because your senses will be entirely blown away!


Top 5 Greatest Food Experiences 


All these colorful Casselberry food trucks will astonish you with their exquisite offer. After all, food trucks have evolved into culinary arts, where admirable preparation and dedication to fresh ingredients lead to mesmerizing tastes. If you live in Casselberry or you’re just stopping by, here are five food trucks you simply have to visit. 


1) Holy Schnitz Truck


Wherever you are in Florida, it’s impossible not to notice how vital food trucks have become to this state. However, this city takes that to another level with their expanded experience. One of such places is Holy Schnitz Truck. Those who adore German and Austrian cuisine usually don’t have a lot of places where they can eat a divine schnitzel.


But, this terrific place will make it up to you! Enormous portions, freshly prepared meals and a fantastic atmosphere is what makes it so popular. Moreover, they have so many different dishes on the menu that it will make it difficult to make up your mind.


Food You Should Try:


  • Jager schnitzel with mushroom gravy
  • Holy Bratballs
  • Bratwurst


2) Francisco’s Taco Madness


It’s not easy to satisfy hardcore taco lovers, but Francisco’s Taco Madness will surely not disappoint even the most demanding ones. In fact, tacos here as so tasty that you’ll always keep coming back for more. Besides the authentic food, this place has one more trick up their sleeves that you’ll appreciate — cheap prices! 


Where else can you get a scrumptious steak taco with extra cheese for $2? But, if tacos are not your preferred meal, you will have plenty of other dishes to choose from as well. Run by a Latin couple, this place really knows how to express passion through a wide variety of street food


Food You Should Try:


  • Chorizo tacos
  • Burrito on a flour tortilla with steak
  • Pulled pork BBQ sandwich


3) Hot Asian Buns


As a real foodie, you probably have a meal or two in Asian cuisine you adore but never prepare at home. Luckily, Hot Asian Buns will prepare you all these meals you’ve been craving in their soft, doughy buns. More importantly, all of their buns are handcrafted and steamed. 


If you see a line at Hot Asian Buns, keep in mind their food is worthy of the wait. But, when they are placing your order, make sure to order a side dish as well, because the portions are medium-sized. 


Food You Should Try:


  • Pork Asada
  • Korean fried chicken
  • Crispy soy garlic chicken


4) Bigbelly’s 


Their slogan is “Big island food with a big belly twist,” and that’s exactly what they offer. Bigbelly’s serves all types of Hawaiian food. For example, it’s one of the rare places where you can eat pineapple chicken served in a pineapple instead of a plate. What’s great is that you can eat your Hawaiian dish sitting at their tables, which are decorated with hula skirts.


If you’re tired of the city life, all you have to do is go the Bigbelly’s and enjoy their marvelous island vibe. However, don’t expect a fast pace there and just accept the easy-going way of living while you’re waiting for your meal. 


Food You Should Try:


  • Teriyaki pineapple chicken
  • Loco moco
  • Sweet island chicken


5) Mama’s Fixins Soul Food and BBQ Food Truck


Soul food is a gastro experience by itself, but if you decide to visit this place, expect to be completely mesmerized. Their side dishes and drinks are quite different as well. Why order a regular lemonade when you can have Mama’s pineapple lemonade, right? 


If you’re not that crazy about BBQ meat, you can simply order fish or some of their tasty vegetarian dishes. In other words, nothing on that menu will leave you indifferent. How could it, when they put their soul into their meals?


Food You Should Try:


  • Southern fried chicken
  • Mac and cheese
  • Fried catfish


Final Thoughts


Ultimately, whichever Casselberry food trucks you choose, you will not be wrong. All of these places are incredibly dedicated to serving only the best meals, and their service is very professional and kind. If you’re willing to give it a shot, take a look at Orlando food trucks schedule to ensure you don’t miss your favorite ones!


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