Kissimmee Food Trucks I A Food Heaven for Food Lovers

Kissimmee Food Trucks for Foodies I Food Truck Finder USA
Kissimmee Food Trucks for Foodies I Food Truck Finder USA

Those who love family vacations already know all about astonishing gems of Kissimmee, a city in Florida. With its carefree vibe, it’s a more tranquil alternative to overcrowded Miami and Tampa. However, Kissimmee is anything but boring. With numerous events held throughout the entire week, your schedule will always be filled with exciting activities. Also, Kissimmee food trucks are a vital part of the tourist scene, which enchants hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. 


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Gathering Worldwide Flavors in Kissimmee


Street Food Gathering and Food Truck Rodeo are the most popular gastro events. With such a diverse offer, these events will give you a taste of Italian, Dominican, Latin American, Mexican, Chinese and many other cuisines. 


Therefore, this quaint city just south of Orlando became gastro heaven for everyone. Don’t neglect its value while you’re visiting one of the many theme parks there. After all, what’s a better ending of a perfect family day trip to LEGOLAND Florida than visiting a city with numerous food trucks and delicious meals


Food Truck Kissimmee – Reasons to Give This Food a Shot


If you’re still not into this hype of eating outside the restaurant and enjoying your favorite dish on fresh air with your friends, Kissimmee might change your mind. The gastro diversity of this city also implies flavorful craft beers. Such beverages will pair perfectly with this type of food and overall atmosphere.  


After a long day at the beach, all you want to do is relish the moment without the pressure of being dressed appropriately for fancy restaurants. Moreover, choosing food trucks over restaurants will result in wider choice, affordable prices and easy-going atmospheres. 


To help you make up your mind and explore out some of the best gastro places on wheels in this city, we’ve found those you simply cannot afford to miss.


La Pendejá: Puerto Rican Food Truck in Kissimmee


It’s almost impossible to resist the fine Caribbean food, especially if it’s from Puerto Rico. Known for their divine sandwiches, La Pendejá will blow your mind with churrasco and pechuga de pollo (beef steak and chicken breasts). Moreover, they have jumbo triplet wraps, pan-fried potatoes covered in cheese and, of course, quesadillas, the queens of the Carribean and Latin American cuisines. 


Hence, if you want to surprise your family with a heavenly meal, La Pendejá is the place to go. Just to warn you, their portions are so enormous that if you were thinking of swimming or surfing afterward, you will need to wait an hour, two or maybe even three for that!


Fritura Factory Food Truck: For Foodies From Foodies


Anybody who claims to be a meat lover has to visit Fritura Factory Food Truck Kissimmee, FL. All these zestful flavors will put you in a tough position right away. But, not knowing how to choose your meal will be your only problem. Fritura Factory has a wide choice of dishes every day, so what you didn’t manage to try today, you will simply need to return tomorrow. 


Recommendations for Fritura Factory Food Truck in Kissimmee:


  • Mofongo with skirt steak
  • Yuca empanada
  • Tostones rellenos de pollo a la Criolla


Take a Sushi: Japanese Food Truck


Among Kissimmee food trucks, you will find a cuisine you wouldn’t expect to see in such a concept — Japanese. This sushi bar will cost you a bit extra, but they take great pride in the preparation of their sushi. Each of the sushi rolls has a simple yet creative name, and you can choose among several types of fish every day. 


For those who would like to go one step further, Take a Sushi also offers a tempura sushi burrito. It is a healthy and easy-to-prepare meal very popular in Japan and worldwide. If you’re not in a hurry, you can sit down on their terrace. There, you can enjoy the sunset while eating your divine Japanese meal. 


Useful tip: Take a Sushi is always closed on Mondays. 

Super Grill: Kissimmee Food Heaven for Everyone 


The great thing about being in Florida is that you can truly immerse yourself in these exquisite cuisines from all around the world. Obviously, the biggest number of food trucks with foreign cuisines is preparing dishes from various parts of Latin America. For instance, Super Grill is one of the preferred spots for tasty, fresh Latin foods.


If you’re tired of eating the same meal over and over again and want to try out something new, this food truck will leave you speechless — even after your meal. Anyone who chooses this place will also be pleasantly surprised by its gigantic portions. Therefore, if you order a Venezuelan pepito, don’t freak out when you notice it’s almost bigger than your head!


Food Recommendations for Super Grill in Kissimmee:


  • Venezuelan pepitos
  • Barillas
  • Patacon loco
  • Arepitas fritas


Smoke&Donuts Food Truck: Taking Donuts To Another Level  


Don’t let this unusual combination fool you, Smoke&Donuts has more than it takes to satisfy those with a sophisticated taste. If you can’t imagine having a donut filled with various tasty meats — pulled pork, ribs, brisket, Black Angus — you should head to this truck immediately. 


The utter creativity of these donuts fused with cheese, onions and salad, proves there is so much potential we still haven’t explored when it comes to combining foods. For those who have a sweet tooth, Smoke&Donuts also prepares cake donuts. However, don’t expect anything typical! 


Smoke&Donuts Sweet Food and Desserts: 


  • Kentucky Bourbon & Maple Glaze
  • Dulce de Leche Glaze
  • Madagascar Vanilla Glaze


Final Thoughts


Kissimmee food trucks are so much more than just an alternative option to restaurants. All these trucks are constantly working on the enhancement of their concepts when it comes to both food and service. It honestly doesn’t matter if you live near this city or you’re just visiting it. Having this type of experience will unquestionably expand everyone’s senses. 


If you’re looking for more food trucks, make sure you check the list of Orlando food trucks. There, you can easily find the ones that suit your preferences. After all, as the number of food trucks in Kissimmee is constantly growing, it will take you a lifetime to try them all!


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