Windermere Food Trucks I Creating a Unique Food Experience for Foodies

Windermere Food Trucks I Food Truck Finder USA
Windermere Food Trucks I Food Truck Finder USA

Windermere is a peaceful oasis set in the outskirts of busy Orlando. In fact, people tend to make a short stop in Windermere on their way to one of America’s most magical places — the Walt Disney World Resort. What most people expect to see is a tranquil town without too many attractions and events. However, the potential of this little place is enormous. One of the treats that will surprise you are the locally-famous Windermere food trucks.  


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From Disney Magic to Foodie Paradise


Many Disney executives lived in this charming place in the early 20th century, and the magic has not left this town ever since. Today, most of it can be seen in the eminently creative food truck scene. Windermere takes great pride in being gastro heaven for absolutely everyone!


Regardless of how sophisticated your taste in food is, you will find a food truck that serves that type of delicacies. Moreover, every fourth Friday of the month, you can enjoy the remarkable event, Family Food Truck Night


The Evolvement of the Windermere Food Truck Scene


Over the past few years, the town organized various impressive events. Visiting Windermere will provide you with a unique experience which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Florida or the United States. 


Investing in their gastro scene, from fine dining restaurants to food trucks, was the city’s ticket to stardom. The town started organizing concerts, festivals and other types of open-air events. This provided the locals with quality activities and those passing by with a reason to stay longer. 


Family Food Truck Night is one of the summer initiatives where locals bring their folding chairs, gather around beneath large oak trees and dine together. Isn’t that everything you need to have the perfect day? 


This event welcomes over 30 food trucks, and some of them already have an exquisite reputation for their delicious food. From Mexican, Caribbean, British and American cuisine to seafood and divine pastries, it’s impossible to stay hungry at events like these. 


Top 5 Gastro Experiences


Visiting or living in Windermere, and not giving a shot to its entire diverse food scene is something you might regret. You definitely need to try some of these outstanding dishes. Therefore, we bring you the five Windermere food trucks that will totally blow your senses away. 


1) Tuk Tuk Truck


Besides the brilliant name, Tuk Tuk Truck will dazzle you with so much more than just the label. For instance, their truck is an art piece by itself. It is decorated with stamps that creatively symbolize the authenticity of their Thai cuisine. 


If you adore traditional Thai delicacies, you’re in for a treat. Chicken satay, crispy spring rolls, Pad Thai, Panang curry and fried rice are just a few specialties you can order here and enjoy the massive portions! 


2) The Naked Cupcakes


With a name like this, you will spot The Naked Cupcakes immediately. Their delicious cupcakes are famous all around Florida. And just as this food truck’s name is unusual, their cupcakes are anything but boring. 


If you have the chance, you should try their maple bacon cupcake or angry orchard cupcake. Those who don’t like experimenting with unexpected flavors will be pleased to know that The Naked Cupcakes offers more than a hundred different variations of cupcakes. 


3) Box on the Road


If neither Thai cuisine or pastries are right up your alley, there are plenty of food trucks from which to choose. One of them is Box on the Road, which serves only Brazilian food. The chef Rodrigo Silva is developing recipes with his wife, such as the picanha sandwich and the Northeastern hot dog. 


Moreover, you can find a wide variety of exciting and completely unique sandwiches, hamburgers and french fries. Besides showing the world the marvels of Brazilian gastronomy, this Box on the Road also ensures their customers get food that looks appealing on their plates.


4) The Pass Progressive Cuisine


The Pass Progressive Cuisine invites the locals and tourists in Windermere to try out something unique, which is a gastro concept with no set menu. Of course, there are a few staple dishes, but the young, passionate chefs who own the food truck want to play with food and offer something completely different to the customers.


This gourmet food truck will mostly serve deluxe burgers, tacos, sandwiches and skewers. In fact, all of their dishes are made with fresh food which they turn into art. It’s just like you would expect it in a town like Windermere!


5) Eat My Treat


Those who love gourmet desserts will have many Windermere food trucks from which to choose. One of the most popular is Eat My Treat. They serve cupcakes, bundt cakes and custom creations for special occasions. Eat My Treat will brighten your day with their colorful pastries and smiling staff!


Final Thoughts


“Looks can be deceiving” is the phrase that best describes this easy-going town in Florida. You don’t expect to see such a vivid Windermere food truck scene in a place with several thousand inhabitants. Yet, Windermere showed that it doesn’t take much to turn a quiet place into a respectful food oasis. What used to be a shortstop to Disney is becoming a tourist attraction on its own. 


Not to mention that with more tourists coming to Florida every year, Windermere has the potential to put itself on the map, along with places like Miami, Orlando and Florida Keys. After all, staying just a few days in this touristic, crowded places will require a day or two in a less fast-paced environment where you can simply enjoy great food and amazing events


If you’re searching for more food trucks in this area, make sure you check Food Trucks in Orlando. You can find a list of great Windermere food trucks where you can have a good time and even better bites! You can even book one for your own event! 


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