Party Catering

Explore Some Cool Party Catering Options!

When you think of party catering, there’s a chance your mind jumps right to some boring old, traditional food options.

party catering food truck

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Well lucky for you…we’re going to introduce you to some awesome new party catering ideas, and tell you why food trucks are the new, “must-have” catering option at any party.

Nowadays, there’s a whole new explosion of food trucks that serve fresh, thoughtful, delicious dishes – catered right to your party. Hence, more and more people are choosing to have food trucks cater their parties, instead of a traditional caterers.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading…

Food trucks are extremely versatile. So if you think you can’t have one at your private party – think again!

Here are some party ideas that you could have a food truck cater:

Cinco De Mayo Party

Who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo?! Indulge in delicious Mexican cuisine while sipping sangria or margaritas with friends and a festive Mexican food truck! Trust us, you CAN bring the spirit of Mex-i-co right to your backyard party!

party catering food truck

Wine Tasting Party

Food trucks aren’t just for food anymore! Bars, breweries, and wineries alike are getting in on the action. These trucks operate like a mobile bar-tending service. They can set up at your private party with a catering license and the right permits! So change up those plans for the lousy liquor run or night at the bar. This weekend, the party is wherever YOU are.

party catering wine food truck

Halloween Party

Did you know food trucks can be seasonal? They sure can! Hire a food truck to cater your Halloween or Fall party. Food trucks love to get creative. Put them to the task for your party, and they just might surprise you with some “spooktacular” dishes! Want a custom, fall-themed catering menu, they have that covered too!

Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are all the rage and food trucks are getting in on the action! You have enough to fuss about with a newborn on the way…leave the food, setup and cleanup to the pros. Food trucks minimize the work and the costs of catering a party.

No, those aren’t the only parties that food trucks can cater!

A Family Reunion

How often are you lucky enough to have the whole family together?! Sure, the traditional pot-luck gets the job done. But that can also be very time-consuming, stressful, and downright expensive!

Let us make a suggestion: ditch the stress of feeding everyone, hire a food truck to cater the party and enjoy bonding with your family over something new, fresh and tasty. Think, when was the last time you enjoyed a new experience with your family? Life is short…book a food truck!

party catering food truck

Sorority & Fraternity Parties

From Fundraisers to themed parties…food trucks will make it BETA (get it?). Soak up that alcohol with one of our more

Superbowl Party

Let’s be real. People come for the Football, but stay for the food. A hot, fresh, juicy, bottomless supply of wings will score with every single guests. Branch out, and be the talk of the neighborhood and allow a truck to cook up fresh pizza, wings, bbq, or whatever your heart desires.

Birthday Party (Kids or Adults)

If you’re turning 5 or 50, a food truck adds an instant element of excitement and decor to any birthday party. Trucks can serve up delivious meals from retro-trucks to industrial-trucks, and trains that have been turned into bars. And yes, milenials, it’s Instagram-worthy.

party catering food truck

Those parties are just a few of the endless options available to you!

Here are some other popular food truck party catering ideas:

Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Housewarmings, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduation Party, Engagement Party, Batmitzvah or Barmitzvah, and any other party you could imagine!

Now that you know that, it’s time to get your creative on!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to party catering and hiring a food truck! Better yet, bring in multiple trucks to accommodate larger crowds and a variety of taste preferences. You can satisfy different food preferences with a more diverse selection. If you want to get super creative, why stop at just dinner?

You can have your food truck setup a round of appetizers, and even hire a dessert truck to top things off!

We can assure you…

Having a food truck at your party instantly turns it into a can’t miss event. Whatever the theme of your party, you can find a food truck that fits your taste buds, your style, and can play along with your ideas. You really can’t go wrong.