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Why you should choose food truck catering over traditional catering options...

If you are familiar with food trucks, you might say..."well because food trucks are awesome, that's why!"

Many people however, are still being introduced to the booming and rapidly evolving food truck industry.

If you're one of those people...

I'm going to give you the top 5 key benefits of hiring a food truck for catering over traditional catering options:

  1. The experience - whether you're hosting a corporate lunch, a wedding, or just an event for the want your employees, guests and attendees to have a unique, memorable experience. What better way to do this than by hiring a food truck to cater your event? Each food truck has its own personality and flare. Food trucks have become nationally popularized largely because of their unique brands, beautiful wraps and high quality cuisine. When you hire a food truck to cater your event, you get the whole shibang...I mean, with other caterers, how often does the owner of the business literally drive their kitchen to you and personally cook for each customer?
  2. No Setup, No Cleanup - the majority of food trucks utilize paper and plastic products to serve their customers. This means the typical setting up and cleaning up of dishes and silverware isn't a part of the process. This saves you the mess, saves you money from all of the fees catering companies charge, and requires less time onsite. The food truck shows up, serves everyone, their trash goes in the trash, and the food truck takes their trash with them and drives off!
  3. Food is fresh and made-to-order - other than all of the prep work that comes with running a successful kitchen...the majority of food trucks make all of your food as you order it! Food trucks also have limited storage, so most of them stock up in lesser amounts, but more frequently - meaning the food you are receiving is as fresh as the store they bought it from. Typical big chain food retailers or even local restaurants sometimes pre-make the food for your event days beforehand, or use leftovers. There is only so much food a food truck can store and sell in a given period of time, so they are accustomed to buying and selling exactly what they need for each shift with a high level of accuracy. Preparing the food as it's ordered, also ensures that each customer is receiving their food fresh, and hot or cold...whichever is it's intended consumption temperature.
  4. More bang for your buck - food trucks can be a very cost effective catering option for any event.
  5. Eat what you want, when you want - when you use traditional catering options, you most often have to decide on your order way ahead of time. With food truck catering, you can be indecisive up until the very last minute! You don't have to worry about being tied down to a food choice you made 3 days ago! There's also no pressure to eat before the hot food gets cold, or the cold food gets warm. If you don't feel like eating until the end of the event...why should you be left with old, room-temperture food? With food truck catering, your meal will always be fresh out of the kitchen.