Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL

Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL – When that Jacksonville, FL Summer heat comes around, nothing cools you off better than a nice cold, refreshing, fruity-flavored shaved ice…or is it a “shave” ice?

What is it actually called?

If you live in, or visit Hawaii – you will probably hear the soft, snow-like ice called “Shave Ice.” This is spelled without the ‘D’. Other business owners in the States began using the ‘D’ to differentiate themselves from the Hawaiian term. They didn’t want to appear “copycats.”

Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL

Most people agree that it should be called “shave ice.” That is the original Hawaiian term, even though it sounds better and is grammatically correct to say “shaved ice.”

Where Shaved Ice Began

The first documented “shaved ice” dessert was made in 27 B.C.E. The Romans collected snow from nearby mountains and then flavored it with a fruit and honey mixture.

Popularization of Shaved Ice or “Shave” Ice

Made in Japan, Perfected in Hawaii

Though most people associate shave ice with Hawaii, its origins can actually be traced back to Japan. When Japanese plantation workers came to Hawaii in the 1920s and 1930s, they introduced this famous dessert. More people have been inspired to take this delicious treat back home. Nowadays, you can find shaved ice trucks in Jacksonville, FL and throughout the United States.

Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is a large family of ice-based desserts made of fine shavings of ice or finely crushed ice and sweet condiments or syrups.

Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL

While the product can resemble a snow cone, snow cones are made with crushed, rather than shaved ice. A properly made shaved ice product rarely requires a straw, since the flavors are in the ice and not at the bottom of the cup.

What’s the difference between Shaved Ice and Snow Cones?

Great question…

Snow cones have their own appeal, but should not be confused with shaved ice.

Shaved ice is often flavored after the ice has been frozen and shaved. Snow cones are an example of ice that is flavored after production. Most consumers prefer shaved ice over snow cones.

“Snow ice” — cream, milk, water, sugar and fruit, frozen and then shaved and served in cones — is popular in China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia and making inroads into the United States. It is sometimes called Sno Cones, Sno Kones, Snow Balls and Snow Cones.

Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL

The ice is usually crunchy and much of the syrup settles on the bottom of the snow cone cup – making the last few bites the most flavorful! The most common flavor options are cherry, grape, strawberry and blue raspberry.

Shaved ice however, is a fine and fluffy ice – mimicking real snow often sold at roadside stands and shaved ice trucks. It is known for many names – Shaved Ice, Shave Ice, SnoBalls, Shavers and (most commonly) Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

With the fluffy texture of ice, the yummy syrup is poured on top. The shaved ice holds the syrup throughout the cup – making each bite equally delicious!

It has a variety of flavors, only limited to your own imagination. Toppings can sometimes be added if you’re feeling adventurous! The flat shaving surface allows for a fluffier texture that melts quickly in your mouth.

Shaved Ice Trucks

Shaved ice is extremely popular in the food truck industry. Profit margins are high, and so is demand!

Shaved Ice trucks are perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, school fundraisers, sporting events, weddings, church events, carnivals, block parties, picnics…just name it!

Enjoy your party, relax and cool down in the Summer with an affordable, shaved ice truck Jacksonville FL.

Shaved Ice Jacksonville FL

If you’re interested in hiring a Jacksonville shaved ice truck, we will help you narrow down some options, and get the flavors and price you’re looking for. The average cost of shaved ice is typically $2 to $4 for a small to large.

Every party is different. Each shaved ice truck will be able to give you an estimate cost for your event so you know exactly what you are going to be charged. We have some top-notch Jacksonville shaved ice trucks to choose from.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect shaved ice truck here in Jacksonville for you.

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Hope this article is helpful for anyone who’s interested in hiring for shaved ice Jacksonville FL.

Stay cool and enjoy some Shaved Ice! 🙂